Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Beautiful Night with a Beautiful Lady Cat.

First I thought we would take a walk in the Chicago Botanic Gardens.

Here's a nice spot.  Let's sit down and watch the Koi pond fish for awhile.

Are you hungry my dear?  I've packed a picnic for us both.

Let's start with some tuna champaigne and some chat cheese.

Now for some tuna and melon salad.

And finally some shrimp, lobster and fixins'.  

Would you like to take a boat ride?  Perhaps we can do a little fishing?  

Oh look fireworks!!!  You can even see the city of Chicago from here!  

I hope you've enjoyed our night together my dear!  Have a lovely day tomorrow!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Update!

Yesterday Mom and Dad took me downtown to the city for an audition!  We were auditioning for the Meow Mix and Game Show Networks new game show called "Think Like a Cat"!!!!!
We will find out in the next week if we made it.  I'll also add a picture of me at the audition once Dad puts it on the computer.  
It was very exciting to audition.  I didn't like the car ride there very much, but once we were there I enjoyed myself enough.  I have such respect for cat stars now.  It is a lot of work to be a star. You have to be very patient and wait for hours.  But there are nice perks like treats and toys!   And there was a room where they had some disposable litterboxes, food, water and space to stretch out, which made things bearable.  
Once mom and I went in for the interview on tape portion I decided to go check things out on the set.  It was pretty exciting!  I don't want to spoil anything for any other cats that might want to audition, so that's all I'll say.   If you would like to audition here's where you can find more info.  There are auditions coming to New York, Tampa, Dallas, Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Portland.  Good luck to any other cats that try out!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Something exciting is going to happen!!!!

I might be a movie star!!!  More details tomorrow.  For now here is a hint:)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Squirrels on Sunday

It has been really stormy lately, so I haven't been outside all week!  But Mom did open the window for me and this is what I found out there!

It just sat there and dried off on the branch after the last storm.  He was kinda cute, but Kon and I kept a good watch on him, just in case he tried anything sneaky.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

"She Said" Sunday!

Today I am very happy, because my lovely Girlcat Skittles has agreed to a courtship.

I'm also excited because of a recent rooftop adventure.
(Warning: This may be a little scary for anyone that is afraid of heights. We do live on the third floor.)

Let me show you around the roof. This is my table and balcony.
This is where I always access the roof. The fencing was put there to keep me from getting on the roof, but you can see how stealthy I am with my good balance.

Here I am climbing onto the roof.
This is where I got stung last year by those nasty waspy creatures! I'll stay away fro m that window just in case.
Here I am "trying my luck." At least that's what mom said. I'm really just being very brave.
I'm ready to come back onto the balcony now!
This is a bird "friend" of mine. He is really loud.

Happy Sunday everyone!