Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Video!!!

Thanks to Dad's friend Josh J. for providing the music!

(Hopefully, this will work tonight, if not, please check back soon.)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Here's what's been going on at our house over that last 2 weeks:
1. Our camera needs the batteries recharged and Mom can't find the charger!
2. Dad got a promotion at his job!!! He even mentioned us and my blog in his introduction letter to his colleagues!
3. Mom is getting HUGE!!!
4. We found out that our blurpy is going to be a little brother, named Jack!
5. Our Aunt Laura is moving in with us soon so she can go to college and then there will be another set of hands to love on us:)
6. Mom is taking Friday's off now from her internship and school to hang out with us!
7. I have been wondering and worried about Sam, the Marmalade cat and the fact that he hasn't responded to my nice comment:( I hope he is doing alright.
8. We have been having problems with our internet, which through a new server. There have been tons of service trucks in our alley over the last two weeks.
9. Lots of napping.
10. Lots of playing.
11. Lots of grooming.
12. We are getting very excited about the holidays! We have lots of family coming to visit us this year!!! I'm not sure why they are picking this year, rather than the last two. It's not like there's really anything different or super exciting happening with our family this year than before.
13. We are thinking really hard about Halloween costumes.