Friday, September 26, 2008

Another Lovely Night with My Lovely Lady

I thought a nice theme for tonight's date would be flight and fish.

My lovely Skittles, Let's go to the Lincoln Park Zoo and watch the birds. Did you see that Green one?!?!?And look at that one!

Next I will take you to a famous fishmarket in my town.

Yummy, I think I'll pass on the fries, but the fish sure looks tasty!

Now I would like to show you around the big city:
Here is Water Tower Place. Let's go for a stroll and I can take you out shopping for something as lovely as you are.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Back after a long weekend.

Sorry for the weekend absence.  Mom and Dad wouldn't let us use the computer because they were getting newer faster internet with the cable company.  Mom is not very happy because it took so long, and the big cable company wasn't very helpful.  Dad is just happy that it is finally working!  Anyway, the only exciting thing to happen this weekend was an intruder on our balcony.  

Here it is:

He's headed right for me!!!!