Saturday, January 27, 2007

More pictures

What are you looking at?

Yeah, Baby!


That was tasty.


Am I cute or what?

My Mom

My Weird Dad

Friday, January 26, 2007

I thought she loved me!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I thought mom loved me:( But today she did something cruel and unusual. First, she took Kon over to the kitchen sink and I was jealous because I thought she was giving him a treat. But then he came out all wet and smelling different. It was kind of a better smell, b/c he stinks normally, but I thought it was weird. BUT THEN...SHE DID IT TO ME TOO!!!!!!

She put me in the water and sprayed me down and...I can't think about this anymore, I'm too shaken up. So I'll just post a picture so you can see what happened.

I feel so ashamed.


Okay so she does love me. She gave me a can of wet food this afternoon!!!!!!!!!! YUMMY!!!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"Feeding" the birds

Today Mom did something AWESOME!!! She took some old food and threw it outside. At first I thought "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!?!? Just give it to me, I'll eat it!" But THEN, something AMAZING happened.

All those pesky birds started coming on MY porch.

Mom wasn't trying to throw out the food for them, she was just tricking them to coming on the porch so Kon and I can watch them and play!!!!!!!!

Even that stupid squirrel got in on the action and stole a piece of food.

I told you they are evil, they steal my Mom's food!!!

Anyway, I was a little frightened by all of the birds, there were a whole bunch of them, but then I jumped in Mom's arms and cuddled and I felt much better.

Now I can just sit by the window and watch those pesky things. This was a very fun day and I hope Mom "feeds" them again.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

What A Night!!!

Mom and Dad had a bunch (like 15 people) of their friends over last night and they had lots of food and strong water. They didn't let me have ANY of the food, except a few people dropped some chips and Kon and I cleaned them up for Mom. But when I tried to see what was one the table, I got sprayed with the evil bottle. I also got a time out because I jumped onto the table. Dad put me in the bedroom and I had to take a nap, then Mom came and rescued me after a little while. It was really nice of them to have so many people over to love on me and Kon. It was great having them love on us. And Dad even played string on a stick. All those people loved me better than Kon, but that is because I'm "athletic." I don't know what that means, but a lot of people said it and it must be good, because it was ...well, it was about me. Now I'm very tired from such a long night. It's tough being so adorable.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Mom made this from an old chair that was falling apart and some felty-fabric (my favorite!!!). I've been having a great time napping in it all day!!! It's called a "kitty lounger."

Here's another picture of me being adorable.

Monday, January 15, 2007


Today, the "leopard" Mouse and I took a nap in the cardboard kitty condo that Mom made out of my new toys. It's really fun, but needs some of that magic stuff to make it look prettier. I'm very sleepy this afternoon because I was awake late last night watching the snow fall. So I'm going back to keep Mouse warm. But don't tell the "purple" Mouse. He gets so jealous about stuff like that.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Today, Mom did something really weird. She took these sticks with fur on the end and cans with magic stuff in them into our room and closed the door. Then a long time later, Kon and I were allow to come back in and ALL THE WALLS was different. Whatever was in those cans made the walls different colors. Mom gave me a big hug after we came in and asked if we liked the new "paint" (I think that's her word for magic) on our walls. I really do, it's so nice now, not a boring white, but 3 different colors!!! Green. Blue. And Yellow. Mom said she would put up more stuff in there soon. Like our pictures and some stamps of fish and mice and other kitty stuff. I don't know what "stamps" are, but they sound tasty!!! She also keeps saying that she wants to hang shelves up for us to climb on. I can't wait for that part!!! She calls this project "The Cat Room." That makes sense, because it belongs to me and Kon.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Look what I caught Kon doing!!!!????!!!!

I knew he was a pussy!

Uh oh...gotta run, I'm busted!

Baskets are the best

One of my favorite things to do is to play in the mesh baskets that Mom and Dad keep putting clothes in. Sometimes they are clean and sometimes they are dirty. Either way, I love jumping in baskets. There are 2 that I particularly love. They are both blue and meshy, but one is taller and the other is bigger around. The tall one is fun to knock over and hide in, b/c it's gives me the power of invisibility. Then I can wait there until just the right moment when someone is walking by and JUMP OUT!!! I also love to climb Mom's bathrobe in the bathroom. I like jumping up and climbing my way up to the doorknob then jumping down and attacking the silky blue ribbon on the side. AHHH...there's a bug in here, I have to go catch it for Mom...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mom is crazy, but squirrels are evil.

Mom brought up another toy today from the mail person. There was a paper toy inside AND new sheets to play parachute with!!! WOOHOO!!! But then Mom started doing something insane. She has this box with the letters "P S 2" on it and there's this plastic string that attaches it to a big square thing with arrows on it. It lays on the floor and she pushes a couple buttons on the lettered box and then starts jumping and leaping all over this square thing with arrows. I guess maybe it is evil, she doesn't seem to like it very much with all of the jumping and she jumps on it for a long time, like about an hour. It has a zipper on it, so maybe she is putting squirrels inside...because squirrels are evil too. She is so weird though, I don't know why she jumps on the square-squirrel-arrowed thing. There's also upbeat music coming from the "TEA-VEE" thing that Dad likes watching stuff on. Maybe it is to keep her motivated until all of the squirrels are smashed up really good. MAYBE SHE'S MAKING US A PIE!!! A SQUIRREL PIE!!!!!!
Here's a fun site about squirrels: religion/heaven/

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Don't tell Mom

Today, I think Mom went to school again. She left REALLY early this morning and hasn't been back yet. So I'm thinking she a.) either went to school or b.) got attacked by the squirrels. But I haven't seen anything weird going on outside today, so I'll assume that she went to school.
Well, what I don't want you to tell Mom is how much fun Kon and I had while she and Dad were gone. Today, we used the bed as a scratching post, then jumped on it for awhile. We also jumped on the beds in the guest room and bounced around. I called some birds from the window with my FABULOUS bird calling skills. And then we explored the counters and other up high spaces. Mom did that cleaning thing again and forgot to leave us a snack in the sink with the dishes:( Oh well, I'm really close to figuring out that pantry door. Then I can get all the good snacks. But right now I'm going to go take a nap so they think that we were good today and napped a lot and looked real cute. That's the story ok? Don't tell them otherwise.

Monday, January 8, 2007


I'm an awesome sneaker. I've gained the nickname "sneak." It's pretty easy to do, I usually just lower myself as far down to the ground as possible, to make myself invisible. Then I can stalk anything I want to, like mice and other toys, Kon and that freaky plastic yellow duck in the bathtub. I <3 sneaking. The best is the thing on a string on a stick...that stupid thing thinks that just by flying around I can't catch it. Well, I've got news for it...I CAN JUMP!!! Like, super high. Mom and Dad and all those strange creatures like them that come over, always say "WHOA!" or some other expression of amazment:) I <3 Jumping.

I also <3 playtime with Mom and Dad. They played parachute with the bed again today. Every once in a awhile, they do the weirdest thing. They take all of the tunnel blankets off the bed and take the tunneling sheets away for a few hours. I don't get it. They take them away from our apartment and then bring them back a little later, smelling different. Then I have to re-mark them. But they always play parachute after they take the sheets away. First I lay on the bed and they start putting that bottom sheet on. I have to act like I don't know what is going on, and then as they're trying to put the other half of it on, I attack!!! Then I roll around under the bottom sheet for awhile so they can finish whatever they are doing with it. After that, I tunnel around and they laugh. Then comes the next sheet. They both hold onto it and raise it high in the air and I wait for JUST the right moment then I speed underneath as fast as I can!!! Then they can't find me. I'm practically invisible under there, because Mom and Dad then just put the three blankets on. Sometimes, I'm out in time to race under the last blanket and attack the pillows as they are tossed on the bed.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

New Toy

Yesterday, a package came in the mail. Mom is the best!!! She had a new toy MAILED to me:) I'm so excited. This thing is great. I think they messed up the order though, b/c there were other things INSIDE of my new toy. Some random crap that Mom seemed excited about. Anyway, this thing is awesome. I can hide in it and jump out to freak Kon out:) (Kon is my adopted fur-brother, well, technically, we're both adopted, but they love me more of course) Anyway, this is great because not only can I play in it and hide in it, I can also keep other toys in it AND it's a new napping spot!!! I'll have to put up a picture sometime soon. But that will have to wait until Dad gets home, because Mom doesn't know how to use the picture taking box. But for now, I've found a picture of another model of my toy, but mine is more decorated. HOLY CRAP, I've gotta go, there's a squirrel in the window.
Alright, the picture of MY toy is up:)

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Squirrel Conspiracy

Mom seems to hate squirrels. She told me that they are EVIL and plotting to get in the house. Well, she doesn't need to worry, because if a squirrel ever got in here, I'd snatch that thing up faster than you can say "feather on a string on a stick!" I like to watch them from the bedroom windows. They climb around in the trees outside and sometimes even come over to my napping window. That freaks me out! They just sit there and stare at me while I'm sleeping. It's kinda scary, because sometimes I wonder if they are conspiring to get in. Several times I've caught them watching Mom and Dad's bedroom from the tree outside the window. They are also always making noise on the roof and they climb around on the neighbor's roof too! I'm not really sure what they're up to, but I'm POSITIVE that those little scavengers are up to no good. I just want to keep my house safe.
I dare them to try to get into my house. Those little punks would become my new catnip toys. Then I could leave Mom and Dad an even better gift than that mouse I left on the couch!!!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Sometimes I Think My Name is "Hey"

Mom and Dad seem to always being yelling "Hey" at me. I don't understand it. I love on them and cuddle with them. I eat everything on my plate and I never go outside of the litter box. I do everything that a good cat should. But they give me toys that I CAN play with and then there are all these toys that I CAN'T play with. My favorite thing I CAN play with is the feather on the string on the stick. But the feather is gone:( meeh! They said "Hey" a LOT right before I removed it from the string. But Mom put a piece of felt on the string and Dad still plays string on a stick with me every day.
Before Turkey-Day, (Dad called it Thingsgiving, I don't get it) I got into a little bit of trouble when I explored the roof! Mom went NUTZ and was climbing on chairs and metal steps and stuff when I got onto the balcony and then wanted to see what else there was up by the windows. I got down alright! I did start moving pretty quick down the steep part, but Mom scooped me up and cuddled me a lot. Dad seemed calm and Mom cried. She's silly sometimes.
Since just after Thingsgiving, they didn't really like it when I played with the multicolored shiney lights on a string. They looked good to eat, but I've gotten several "Heys" a day since they've been here! I also get sprayed with the EVIL bottle of wet drinking stuff whenever I want to help Mom clean the dishes or just want to see what she's making Dad for dinner.
I'll never understand what that mystery word "Hey" really means, but for now I guess it's good enough to know that they love me. Maybe that's what it means...Maybe it's just a really loud way of saying "I love you!"