Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thanks for all the Gotcha Day wishes!

Thank you everyone for all the Gotcha Day wishes. I wish I could get online more and stay in touch with my friends, but since we don't have internet still, it's hard. So I just type my posts and transfer them to my Dad's slyPod to be transferred when he gets WiFi...hahahaha. I love being so sneaky. Anyway, Kon and I are still doing well and enjoying the birds and such. I hope to have a picture up with my next post of me, Kon and the Jack, but for now I will tell you about a cool shop that I found out about in Charlottesville.
There is a shop in the downtown mall of C-ville that is called "The Cat House." No cats actually live there, but everything in there either has a picture of a cat on it, or is designed for our enjoyment. Mom told me that they have lots of toys including bananers and SUPER CHARGED CATNIP TOYS!!! I'm planning to stow-away on Mom's next trip into town and go check it out myself.
Hope everyone is doing well and thanks again for all the Gotcha Day wishes!