Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thanks for all the Gotcha Day wishes!

Thank you everyone for all the Gotcha Day wishes. I wish I could get online more and stay in touch with my friends, but since we don't have internet still, it's hard. So I just type my posts and transfer them to my Dad's slyPod to be transferred when he gets WiFi...hahahaha. I love being so sneaky. Anyway, Kon and I are still doing well and enjoying the birds and such. I hope to have a picture up with my next post of me, Kon and the Jack, but for now I will tell you about a cool shop that I found out about in Charlottesville.
There is a shop in the downtown mall of C-ville that is called "The Cat House." No cats actually live there, but everything in there either has a picture of a cat on it, or is designed for our enjoyment. Mom told me that they have lots of toys including bananers and SUPER CHARGED CATNIP TOYS!!! I'm planning to stow-away on Mom's next trip into town and go check it out myself.
Hope everyone is doing well and thanks again for all the Gotcha Day wishes!


Cheysuli and gemini said...

I am glad things seem to be going well. I hope that your humans go shopping at that place often so that you get some really good toys!

The Creek Cats said...

The Cat House sounds like the coolest place ever!!!

Monty Q. Kat said...

Just get evfurrything settled on your end. We'll always be waiting for you. :)

(Now if Kon would post something I would know that the end of times is near...;) )