Sunday, January 14, 2007


Today, Mom did something really weird. She took these sticks with fur on the end and cans with magic stuff in them into our room and closed the door. Then a long time later, Kon and I were allow to come back in and ALL THE WALLS was different. Whatever was in those cans made the walls different colors. Mom gave me a big hug after we came in and asked if we liked the new "paint" (I think that's her word for magic) on our walls. I really do, it's so nice now, not a boring white, but 3 different colors!!! Green. Blue. And Yellow. Mom said she would put up more stuff in there soon. Like our pictures and some stamps of fish and mice and other kitty stuff. I don't know what "stamps" are, but they sound tasty!!! She also keeps saying that she wants to hang shelves up for us to climb on. I can't wait for that part!!! She calls this project "The Cat Room." That makes sense, because it belongs to me and Kon.

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Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

You are getting your own room! That is so awesome. Mommy's are amazing when they get those brushes out. A while back the bathroom door here didn't shut all the way so a good shove by me always made company happy. Mommy was doing her "magic" in there and I popped in to say hi! Never, never, never walk thru the paint tin. Mommy leapt off the ladder and chased me through the house (little blue paw prints everywhere) sos I wouldn't lick it. Then she and daddy had to hold me over the sink and GIVE ME A BATH. I have not gotten over the trauma.
I can't wait to see all your shelves and stuff. This is a great project!