Saturday, January 6, 2007

New Toy

Yesterday, a package came in the mail. Mom is the best!!! She had a new toy MAILED to me:) I'm so excited. This thing is great. I think they messed up the order though, b/c there were other things INSIDE of my new toy. Some random crap that Mom seemed excited about. Anyway, this thing is awesome. I can hide in it and jump out to freak Kon out:) (Kon is my adopted fur-brother, well, technically, we're both adopted, but they love me more of course) Anyway, this is great because not only can I play in it and hide in it, I can also keep other toys in it AND it's a new napping spot!!! I'll have to put up a picture sometime soon. But that will have to wait until Dad gets home, because Mom doesn't know how to use the picture taking box. But for now, I've found a picture of another model of my toy, but mine is more decorated. HOLY CRAP, I've gotta go, there's a squirrel in the window.
Alright, the picture of MY toy is up:)

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