Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mom is crazy, but squirrels are evil.

Mom brought up another toy today from the mail person. There was a paper toy inside AND new sheets to play parachute with!!! WOOHOO!!! But then Mom started doing something insane. She has this box with the letters "P S 2" on it and there's this plastic string that attaches it to a big square thing with arrows on it. It lays on the floor and she pushes a couple buttons on the lettered box and then starts jumping and leaping all over this square thing with arrows. I guess maybe it is evil, she doesn't seem to like it very much with all of the jumping and she jumps on it for a long time, like about an hour. It has a zipper on it, so maybe she is putting squirrels inside...because squirrels are evil too. She is so weird though, I don't know why she jumps on the square-squirrel-arrowed thing. There's also upbeat music coming from the "TEA-VEE" thing that Dad likes watching stuff on. Maybe it is to keep her motivated until all of the squirrels are smashed up really good. MAYBE SHE'S MAKING US A PIE!!! A SQUIRREL PIE!!!!!!
Here's a fun site about squirrels: religion/heaven/


Kon said...
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Kon said...

here is another website about evil squirrels