Thursday, January 4, 2007

Squirrel Conspiracy

Mom seems to hate squirrels. She told me that they are EVIL and plotting to get in the house. Well, she doesn't need to worry, because if a squirrel ever got in here, I'd snatch that thing up faster than you can say "feather on a string on a stick!" I like to watch them from the bedroom windows. They climb around in the trees outside and sometimes even come over to my napping window. That freaks me out! They just sit there and stare at me while I'm sleeping. It's kinda scary, because sometimes I wonder if they are conspiring to get in. Several times I've caught them watching Mom and Dad's bedroom from the tree outside the window. They are also always making noise on the roof and they climb around on the neighbor's roof too! I'm not really sure what they're up to, but I'm POSITIVE that those little scavengers are up to no good. I just want to keep my house safe.
I dare them to try to get into my house. Those little punks would become my new catnip toys. Then I could leave Mom and Dad an even better gift than that mouse I left on the couch!!!

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