Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Sometimes I Think My Name is "Hey"

Mom and Dad seem to always being yelling "Hey" at me. I don't understand it. I love on them and cuddle with them. I eat everything on my plate and I never go outside of the litter box. I do everything that a good cat should. But they give me toys that I CAN play with and then there are all these toys that I CAN'T play with. My favorite thing I CAN play with is the feather on the string on the stick. But the feather is gone:( meeh! They said "Hey" a LOT right before I removed it from the string. But Mom put a piece of felt on the string and Dad still plays string on a stick with me every day.
Before Turkey-Day, (Dad called it Thingsgiving, I don't get it) I got into a little bit of trouble when I explored the roof! Mom went NUTZ and was climbing on chairs and metal steps and stuff when I got onto the balcony and then wanted to see what else there was up by the windows. I got down alright! I did start moving pretty quick down the steep part, but Mom scooped me up and cuddled me a lot. Dad seemed calm and Mom cried. She's silly sometimes.
Since just after Thingsgiving, they didn't really like it when I played with the multicolored shiney lights on a string. They looked good to eat, but I've gotten several "Heys" a day since they've been here! I also get sprayed with the EVIL bottle of wet drinking stuff whenever I want to help Mom clean the dishes or just want to see what she's making Dad for dinner.
I'll never understand what that mystery word "Hey" really means, but for now I guess it's good enough to know that they love me. Maybe that's what it means...Maybe it's just a really loud way of saying "I love you!"

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