Monday, January 8, 2007


I'm an awesome sneaker. I've gained the nickname "sneak." It's pretty easy to do, I usually just lower myself as far down to the ground as possible, to make myself invisible. Then I can stalk anything I want to, like mice and other toys, Kon and that freaky plastic yellow duck in the bathtub. I <3 sneaking. The best is the thing on a string on a stick...that stupid thing thinks that just by flying around I can't catch it. Well, I've got news for it...I CAN JUMP!!! Like, super high. Mom and Dad and all those strange creatures like them that come over, always say "WHOA!" or some other expression of amazment:) I <3 Jumping.

I also <3 playtime with Mom and Dad. They played parachute with the bed again today. Every once in a awhile, they do the weirdest thing. They take all of the tunnel blankets off the bed and take the tunneling sheets away for a few hours. I don't get it. They take them away from our apartment and then bring them back a little later, smelling different. Then I have to re-mark them. But they always play parachute after they take the sheets away. First I lay on the bed and they start putting that bottom sheet on. I have to act like I don't know what is going on, and then as they're trying to put the other half of it on, I attack!!! Then I roll around under the bottom sheet for awhile so they can finish whatever they are doing with it. After that, I tunnel around and they laugh. Then comes the next sheet. They both hold onto it and raise it high in the air and I wait for JUST the right moment then I speed underneath as fast as I can!!! Then they can't find me. I'm practically invisible under there, because Mom and Dad then just put the three blankets on. Sometimes, I'm out in time to race under the last blanket and attack the pillows as they are tossed on the bed.


Nutmeg & Ittybitty said...

Come play parachute at my house, please.

TheSlyCat said...

I'd love to come play, but Mom and Dad said it's too expensive to go just to play parachute. But maybe later, when it gets warmer. They've been talking a lot about some welding thing or something like that with a guy named Landon. I think he's a friend of Dad's. Maybe I can come play then:)